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Open Bar (may switch to cash or tally bar after allotted time)


Full Open Bar         $13 pp/1 hour

                                  $28 pp/3 hours

                                  $32 pp/ 4hour

                                  $40 pp/ 5hours


Wine & Beer           $10 pp/1 hour

                                  $26 pp/3 hours

                                  $30 pp/ 4 hours

                                  $38 pp/5 hours


{All prices listed per person}


Running Tab Bar

The running tab bar is just like it sounds it’s a running tab picked up at the end of the event. You may set the maximum budget or limit what drinks or types of liquor your guest are served.


Signature Cocktail

A signature cocktail may be added to any type of bar. Pricing will be determined by the pitcher, and depends upon the type of alcohol used to make it. Signature drinks would be included on a full open bar package. Signature cocktails can be made for each event from our 2014 champion fastest best bartender in Rochester staff member.


Cash Bar

Cash bar is when your guest pay for their own drinks a cash bar can be combined with any other packages